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AJ Prindle & Co., LLC.

Case Studies

Client Ford Motor Company | AJ Prindle & Co., LLC

Industry E-Commerce


Platform Sun Solaris, ATG DYNAMO

Tools JBuilder, HomeSite, PhotoShop


Synopsis Ford Motor Company was in a jam.

Six months behind schedule and over $4.5 million spent, they still did not have the UNIX-based e-commerce site that was promised to them less than a year earlier.

AJ Prindle & Co., LLC was the brain child of Ford Unlimited Enterprises. They envisioned an e-commerce site that would target an unexplored market, the stuff you have in your car: car seats, cup holders, portable flash lights, seat covers, coolers, phone rechargers, and GPS to name a few.

Advarion Incorporated was hired to rescue the project; to develop a full business-integrated site from scratch in less than 3 months. This included a back-end Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System, automated credit card validation and processing, returns processing, and warehouse system integration... all 3rd party vendors and partners.

Most software companies would have considered this project one with impossible specifications.

Not only did Advarion Incorporated develop the site on schedule, even with the original difficulties, the project still came in under budget.

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